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Presenting INSPIRA STUDIO™ by ClosetMaid®!

Nothing holds back your creative juices quite like clutter and disorganization, so why deal with it in your craft and sewing room? SVP Worldwide, the world’s largest consumer sewing company, has announced their INSPIRA STUDIO™ by ClosetMaid® which is sure to enhance your creativity! The product is revolutionary for sewers and crafters alike, as it features unique organization to turn your craft room from cluttered and stressful, to organized and inspiring. INSPIRA STUDIO™, specifically created for sewing and crafting lovers, is designed by DIY-ers for DIY-ers. This organization system is highly advanced—SVP and ClosetMaid teamed up to find our sewers’ and crafters’ biggest problems with their craft rooms and created INSPIRA STUDIO™ by ClosetMaid® as a solution.

Long gone are the days of tangled thread, not being able to find your fabrics and mixing your supplies up in the same drawer. This amazing new collection consists of eight pieces which can be arranged and personalized to your own individual sewing and crafting needs. Whether you love to sew, knit, embroider, craft, scrapbook or all of the above, INSPIRA STUDIO™ by ClosetMaid® will allow you to focus on your creativity, rather than trying to find all of your supplies. The eight-piece collection includes five, large, stackable cabinets; two smaller, mobile cabinets; and an activity table. A great piece of this system is the thread cabinet.



This thread cabinet allows you to store and organize up to 300 spools of thread. Whether your spools are tall or short, big or small—this thread cabinet has a smooth glide and tilting thread rack with removable spindles for easy access. Your thread has never been so easy to find before!

Another item of this collection is the fabric cabinet.



The fabric cabinet stores and protects all of your different fabrics on fabric organizer boards which are organized on an easy-slide track system. You’ll always know where your fabric is and that it is safe from dust and sunlight.

Let this exciting new product line transform your craft room into your favorite space in your home. With ClosetMaid’s expertise in storage and organization solutions, and SVP Worldwide’s in-depth knowledge of sewers, this collaboration will allow crafters and DIY-ers to get back to what they love the most—creating!

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