Quilters Dream

Sew Steady Tables

If you're looking for simplicity and functionality in a sewing extension table that’s lightweight and portable, Sew Steady Extension Tables are the perfect solution. These sturdy tables have removable legs that pop off for easy storage (movable extra support leg for large tables), rounded front edges and a movable static-cling ruler (in inches and centimeters).  Constructed of high quality acrylic, these tables will offer years of wear-resistant dependability.  Each table is customized to your specific machine.

The Junior Table is great for small compact machines size 11 x 15 inches

The Large Table is great for all standard size machines size 18 x 24 inches

The B Table is for all Standard Embroidery Machines size 24 x 24 inches

The XXL Custom Table for all Extended Bed Sewing/Embroidery Machines 30 x 24 inches.

Also available is the Serger Table 18 x 18 inches. 



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