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Providing Great Sewing Machines and Cutting Equipment Is What We Do Best!!!
At Johnson's Sewing Centre our goal is to offer our customers innovative and easy to use sewing and cutting products for professionals. Whether you are operating a home based business, or have a full scale-factory, our “Reliable” products are up to the task. Johnson's Sewing Centre Is a company professionals can rely on for great quality and fast service.



  • Model XD-1005A

    Model XD-1005A

    • XD-1005A - The Reliable™ XD-1005A (Made in Japan) is a tough machine, ready for all day use. Cut from a single ply of fabric for samples all the way up to 1/4” thick for production without a problem.
    • Features and performance.
    • Standard features include a one-touch sharpener, stationary carbide and counter blade, and a double insulated motor. All this provides performance you can count on, day after day.
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  • Model XD-100

    Model XD-100

    • XD-100 - The Reliable™ XD-100 can cut from a single ply of fabric, right up to 1” high, making it a very versatile - lightweight machine.
    • Features and performance.
    • The combination of the octagonal blade, with carbide tipped and spring loaded lower blade, prevents the fabric from jamming. An extra thin base plate and light die cast design make the XD-100 a pleasure to operate.
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  • Model XD-EU5

    Model XD-EU5

    • XD-EU5 - The Reliable™ XD-EU5 is the world’s best small straight knife cutting machine. Equipped with an automatic knife sharpening system, the XD-EU5 uses the newest and most advanced technology to ensure the finest cutting quality.
    • Features and performance.
    • The use of a die cast housing ensures lightweight and easy operation, while the safety mechanisms assure the proper protection is provided for the operator.
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  • Model XD-629

    Model XD-629

    • XD-629 - The XD-629 is designed with a low center of gravity for ease of handling and features the best power to gravity weight ratio in the industry.
    • Performance you can count on.
    • It is designed for maximum productivity and minimum fatigue. The XD-629 is the obvious choice when one machine is required to perform many roles. It is suitable for cutting most light to medium weight fabric.
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  • Model XD-CD3

    Model XD-CD3

    • XD-CD3 - The Reliable™ XD-CD3 cloth drill is the quick and economical solution for drill marking. The XD-510L is equipped with a 96” track and lifter set, a set of uprights and piece goods bar for your roll of material and a retractable handle.
    • Features and performance.
    • Standard on the XD-CD3 is a heating element that secures synthetic fabric plies and gives loosely woven fabrics a mark that will not close up. Or use it cold when heat is not required. The drill features a telescoping drive shaft and powerful AC motor for dependability and long service.
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  • Model XD-510L

    Model XD-510L

    • XD-510L - The Reliable™ XD-510L is the perfect labour saving solution for many cutting room applications.
    • Features and performance.
    • The XD-510L is equipped with a 96” track and lifter set, a set of uprights and piece goods bar for your roll of material and a retractable handle.
    • And easy to operate.
    • Simply roll out your material, turn the cutter head on, and push the cutting head along the track using the retractable handle. It’s that simple.
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