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SewQuiet Motor

  • SEWQUIET™ - 6000 The 6000 Series Sewquiet™ DC servomotor is the logical choice for your next sewing machine, or as a replacement for your existing clutch motor.
  • The next generation of servomotor design.
  • Stable speed control and motor noise reduction are the two main issues when choosing a servomotor. Up until now, the technology limited the performance of servomotors in these two critical categories. This has all changed with the introduction of the next generation series 6000.
  • Low current start-up, energy savings of 75%.
  • The technology breakthrough on the new Sewquiet™ 6000 is a completely redesigned PC board which allows for true low current start up. There are two advantages to this. First, it allows for a more stable amperage draw, and reduces the energy consumption by an astonishing 75%. Comparing the Sewquiet™ 6000 to a standard clutch motor, when the motor is turned on (but the machine is not sewing) the clutch motor will consumer 150W/hour of electricity vs. a mere 3W/hour for the Sewquiet™... a 98% energy savings. And second, it allows for more motor torque, allowing you to sew through heavier material at low speeds.
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SewQuiet Motor

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