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Home Ironing Products

At Johnson's Sewing Centre  we provide consumers with choices and now we have even more for you to choose from! Reliable has a new line of home ironing systems made exclusively for quilters and sewers.  Browse our selection of innovative and straightforward ironing products to select an ironing system that suits you best.  Whether the goal is to find a new ironing system for home or professional use, our selection will provide something for everyone.


  • 490a Iron Maven

    490a Iron Maven New

    • Steam is the “secret” to getting a clean, crisp and professional finish to your garments. Steam is used to soften the fibers, and the weight of the iron shapes the fabric. This is done effortlessly when you have the right tools to do the job.
    • Made in Europe, using the best components available, when you hold the iron in your hand you’ll appreciate the exceptional quality. With so much steam available at your fingertips, ironing time is dramatically reduced.
    • • 5 minute heat up time
    • • 50 PSI operating pressure
    • • Lightweight 3.1 lb. iron
    • • Locking mechanism for continuous steam
    • • 18/19 stainless steel tank
    • • Regular tap water
  • Sensor Velocity V200

    Sensor Velocity V200 New

    • The new Sensor Velocity will not spit or leak and removes wrinkles like a professional iron. The latest addition to the Reliable ‘pro-for-home’ line up integrates leading edge sole plate technology. Built in steam sensor responds to user touch producing continuous volumes of steam when desired. That’s the new V200.
    • With its patented two heating element design, the V200 won’t let you down. The Steam Ready feature can bypass the auto-shut off so it’s ready to work when you are. The hard Anodized Aluminum soleplate enhances glide on all types of fabric, is scratch resistant and stronger than aluminum alone. An inner plate of Magnesium increases strength yet weighs less than other metals. Steam sensor responds to user touch for full control of the steam process.
    • • Built-in anti-scale cartridge
    • • 8 minute auto shut-off
    • • Steam Ready (bypasses auto shut off)
    • • 1800W heating element
    • • 1.25 cups (300 ml) water capacity
    • • Anodized Aluminum soleplate
  • Longboard C60LB

    Longboard C60LB New

    • Longboard™ - C60LB - The Longboard is the world’s first and only 2 in 1 home ironing table. It features a generous ironing surface for regular ironing and an extension piece for oversized pieces like tablecloths and linens. A snap to install, the extension’s shape is also ideal for the dedicated quilter or knitter.
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  • Ironing Table C81

    Ironing Table C81 New

    • The secret of a professional ironing revealed.
    • The “secret” to getting a clean-crisp finish to your garments? Your ironing table needs to have vacuum to remove the steam (it’s built right into the table). Plus, the ironing table needs to stay dry. The pros know this. For the C81 we add the “up-air” feature - we literally reverse the vacuum to create blowing so you can press on a cushion of air. Perfect for those delicate areas that are prone to show marks on the fabric (pocket area on pants, fly front, jacket lining, corduroy, velvet and so on... any area that if you pressed on a hard surface, it would leave an impression or crush the nap of the fabric).
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