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Perfect all-around results with ease. It's that simple.

Sew, cut and neaten in a single operation-in overlock, chain or cover stitch. Innovative features make this serger delightfully easy to use and ensure professional quality down to the last stitch.


  • L460

    L460 New

    • BERNINA L 460
    • This serger/overlocker offers great sewing comfort. It cuts, sews and finishes in one single step. The L 460 produces seams and hems of highest stitch quality, from fine rolled hems to wide decorative edges.
    • BERNINA L 460 – the fast and flexible serger/overlocker
    • Working with a serger/overlocker means saving time and stitching fast. Sewing projects take shape quickly and with little effort. Innovative features make BERNINA sergers/overlockers delightfully easy to use, ensuring professional quality down to the very last stitch. The overlocker is a must for a creative knitwear sewer. Makes it easy to work with thin, delicate fabrics that require extra care in handling or extra heavy fabrics that require both your hands to stay in place
    • Free-Hand System (FHS) for knee–operated presser-foot lift
    • Both hands are free for sewing and placing the fabric while raising and lowering the presser foot with the Free-Hand-System
    • Makes it easy to work with thin, delicate fabrics that require extra care in handling or extra heavy fabrics that require both your hands to stay in place
    • Exact speed control
    • Includes the BERNINA Foot Control and DC motor which allow stitch by stitch sewing and top speed of up to 1500 stitches per minute
    • Slide-on table for more space
    • Extend your work space to provide more room for your overlocker projects
    • Ease of use with Micro Thread Control (mtc) High quality stitches
    • Easy to Use - a one-step adjustment fine tunes looper threads to fit the cut edge
    • Reduces test sewing looking for the perfect stitch
    • Creates professional seams and perfectly finished edges up to 9mm width.
    • Easy Threading
    • Easy & ergonomic threading with the manual needle threader
    • Simple lower looper threading with the lower looper easy threader
    • Thread fast and successfully following the color-coded pathAccessible & easy thread cutting with built-on thread cutter
    • Manual needle threader allows for easy and fast threading
    • Well-lit grand workspace
    • Eases sewing as well as threading of loopers and needles
    • Shadow-free light for facilitating precise, accurate work
    • Store your accessories in the looper cover
    • Your accessories are neatly arranged and ready to be used
    • Additional accessory box holds the seam guide, spool caps and tools
    • Discover a range of optional feet for your creative overlocking
  • Bernina L450

    Bernina L450 New

    • Reasons to buy the L 450
    • The BERNINA L 450 is the second model in the BERNINA L Series. It is the perfect overlock solution/companion to the BERNINA L 220 chain/coverstitch machine for the complete Serger Solution.
    • The BERNINA L 450 offers the following benefits:
    • Sews, cuts and finishes seams in one operation for efficiency and with precision
    • Easy and comfortable to handle even for beginners 2-3-4 thread stitch formations provide the most flexibility in selecting the perfect stitch
    • Professional stitch quality each time
    • Excellent rolled hemming
    • Perfect for stretchy and woven fabrics
    • Ruffles and gathers automatically with differential feed

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