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Bernina Attachments and Add-ons



Protect your best Friend in Style, with these Beautiful Bernina Suitcase Systems.  There is one for every Bernina Machine.  Come and get yours today.



  • Bernina BSR System

    Bernina BSR System New

    • Free-motion quilting with BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR).
    • The BERNINA Stitch Regulator can do straight or zigzag stitches: both stitches can be sewn with BERNINA artista models 630, 640 and 730. The BSR presser foot reacts to the movement of the fabric under the foot, thereby controlling sewing speed. The set stitch length is maintained, irrespective of the movement of the fabric.
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  • Bernina Needle Punch Set

    Bernina Needle Punch Set New

    • This needle-felting set can be used on all BERNINA CB hook sewing machines.
    • Using suitable woollen yarns or loose wool fibres, it allows you to work decorative designs into fabrics. Suitable materials are loden, boiled wools and felt.
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  • Bernina Straight Stitch Needle Plate

    Bernina Straight Stitch Needle Plate New

    • This stitch plate promotes perfect stitch quality when working with very delicate fabrics such as fine batiste, silks, etc. The small needle hole provides fabric support all around the needle as the stitch is formed, preventing distortion in delicate fabrics
    • Favored by quilters for piecing. Combined with Patchwork Foot #37, it facilitates the piecing process, especially at the beginning and end of seams
    • Use in combination with Foot #13 (straight stitch foot) when maximum fabric control is required
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  • Bernina 5mm Stitch Plate

    Bernina 5mm Stitch Plate New

    • When using non coded feet on your 9mm rotary hook system, use this needle plate to provide matching fabric support under the foot, promoting perfect stitch quality even in delicate or difficult fabrics.
    • When using non coded feet (which allow a 5.5mm stitch width) on your 9mm rotary sewing system, use this needle plate to provide matching fabric support under the foot
    • Matching the needle plate opening to the opening in the foot helps provide balanced fabric control, promoting perfect stitch quality even in delicate or difficult fabrics.
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  • Bernina Circular Attachment

    Bernina Circular Attachment

    • The circular embroidery attachment in combination with foot #20 or #6 allows you to sew perfect circles or semicircles of various diameters using utility or decorative stitches or letting
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  • Bernina Patchwork Seam Guide

    Bernina Patchwork Seam Guide New

    • The patchwork seam guide can either be adjusted to lie right at the presser-foot edge, or at various distances from it. Ideal for accurate sewing and hemming.
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  • Bernina CFL Light

    Bernina CFL Light New

    • The best sewing light with superb illumination of the sewing area. This CFL (cool fluorescent light) sewing light is appreciated for its long life.
    • The unique U-shape around the stitching area, provides the best illumination of the sewing surface available!
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  • Seam Guides with Scale

    Seam Guides with Scale New

    • Seam Guide with Scale
    • The scale marked in centimeters and inches - allows for accurate stitching of parallel rows. The seam guide with scale is available in two versions, for mounting either to the right or to the left of the needle.
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