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Buttonhole Foot with Slide 3B/3C

  • To make buttonholes with or without gimp. This foot can be used on any machine instead of the standard Foot #3 to give a clearer view and easier sewing of buttonholes.
  • The sliding frame of the foot provides improved fabric guidance while the buttonhole is being stitched
  • This foot is particularly effective in making perfect counted stitch buttonholes (models 1090s, activas, virtuosas)
  • The red marker (slide) makes it very easy to reproduce identical buttonholes when buttonholes are stitched "manually" (like on mechanical models)
  • The foot is designed to hold gimp for easy corded buttonholes
  • The shank of the foot can hold a seam guide for easy placement of buttonholes along the opening of a garment.
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Buttonhole Foot with Slide 3B/3C

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