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Jean Foot 8

  • This foot makes sewing straight stitch seams in thick, hard fabrics and straight stitching over thick seams possible.
  • The single needle hole provides extra stability for the needle even as it crosses thick bulky areas
  • The narrow groove in the sole of the foot, behind the needle, allows heavy threads to pass under the foot, preventing skipped stitches when topstitching
  • Use this foot in combination with a size 100 or 110 when sewing thick, dense fabrics (as when hemming jeans). This foot is uniquely designed to actively brace a size 100 or 110 needle and help prevent needle breakage when sewing through heavy layers
  • Jeans Foot #8 can also be used with a size 70 ballpoint needle to sew fine knit fabrics without puckering and wrinkling.
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Jean Foot 8

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