Quilters Dream

Open Toe Embroidery Foot 20/20C/56

  • This foot has a wide variety of uses in decorative work, including embroidery, appliqué, satin stitch, monograms, quilting and cut work.
  • The front of the foot is open, giving clearer visibility
  • The bottom of the foot has a wedge shaped indentation, which allows even satin stitching to glide under the foot without dragging. The angle in the indentation makes it possible to turn curves easily
  • The toes of the foot are shorter, compared to a regular zigzag foot, for greater maneuverability while sewing (you can turn the fabric more easily for smoother stitching lines, an important asset when embellishing fabric)
  • On 9mm rotary models 1630 and 180, Foot #20C (9mm) allows the use of the wider decorative stitches these machines offer.
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Open Toe Embroidery Foot 20/20C/56

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