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... to the creative world of sewing and to a wide range of accessories from Pfaff.

Do you love to sew? Do you enjoy experimenting? Do you take pride in professional sewing results? Then we invite you to take a creative journey through the Pfaff assortment of accessories. You'll discover many clever sewing helpers that will inspire new ideas and expand the capabilities of your sewing machine. Many effects and techniques are only possible with the correct accessories. Discover the special presser feet, extra embroidery hoops, the creative Pfaff ”TOOLBOXES”, embroidery hoops and more. You'll be amazed at the possibilities!

To find out more about Pfaff presser feet, accesories, and specialty tool boxes check out this web page, or order The Pfaff Foot Book - this great how-to encyclopedia has everything you want to know about Pfaff Accesories.


  • Adjustable Overcast Foot

    Adjustable Overcast Foot

    • Also known as the Adjustable Blindstitch and Overlock Foot. This foot is great for stitching along fabric edges; it keeps the edge from curling in or puckering. Use it for overcasting good for all fabric types especially knits.
  • Adjustable Guide Foot with IDT

    Adjustable Guide Foot with IDT

    • The Adjustable Guide Foot with IDT has and adjustable guide that you can simply slide to the needed setting to help you sew straight seams, great for topstitching, tucks or decorative sttiches.
  • Applique Foot

    Applique Foot

    • This foot is great for small 2mm wide satin stitch applique, 2mm wide blanket stitching and awesome for corded twin needle pintucks. The foot is clear for greater visibility and the foot is short making turning corners easier.
  • Open Toe Applique Foot

    Open Toe Applique Foot

    • This sewing foot is ideal for appliques as it has a groove on the underside to allow dense satin stitching to pass with ease. The open toe provides excellent visibility for quilting or matching decorative stitches. This foot is available in 6mm and 9mm.
  • Beading Feet

    Beading Feet New

    • These feet have deep grooves on the underside that will allow you to sew over string pearls, beads or heavy cords, You can stitch beads onto curtains, pillows, clothing, costumes, formal wear, etc. Stitch pearls or beads along a hem line. Then fold up the hem so the pearls edge your fabric. There is a beading foot for 6mm, 4mm, and 2mm diameter beads.
  • Bias Binder

    Bias Binder

    • The bias binder will help you sew bias tape to the edges of placemats, pockets, childrens clothes, bibs, etc. It is used for attaching 1/4" finished bias tape to fabric edges using pre-made 1/2 bias tape. You can also make your own binding with 15/16" wide bias fabric strips.
  • Bi-Level Topstitch Foot

    Bi-Level Topstitch Foot

    • The Bi-level Topstitch Foot guides your topstitching and edge stitching perfectly. The underside of This presser foot is designed to glide along the folded edge, and it will give you beautiful topstitching on your project. Use the Bi-level Topstitch Foot for hemming bulky projects such as waist bands, curtains, and the final step when stitching a quilt binding in place. It will allow you to have the fabric outside the free arm for easier sewing.
  • Bridging Guide

    Bridging Guide

    • There are different Bridging Guides for different machines. The Bridging Guide enables you to stitch together two finished edges together; lace to hems, fabric to fabric, and lace to lace. This seam is decorative and strong enough to be functional.
  • Candlewicking Foot

    Candlewicking Foot

    • Candlewicking is sewing French or Colonial knots onto fabric in a pattern. Traditionally done by hand but by using a computerized machine and this foot you can duplicate the look in the fraction of the time. The large groove underneath the foot allows you to sew over the knots.
  • Chenille Foot

    Chenille Foot

    • Chenille is bias strips of fabric that have been attached to another fabric. The strips are then brushed and laundered to make them fuzzy. This creates a great textured look to any project. Add it to clothing, pillows, purses, etc. The Chenille Foot has a large slot at the front which helps to guide the bias fabric strips as you stitch them onto the fabric.
  • Circular Embroidery Attachment

    Circular Embroidery Attachment

    • Perfectly sewn circles up to 6" in diameter, can be sewn with the circular attachment. Using a variety of decorative stitches and accessory feet many special effects can be achieved.
  • Couching/Braiding Foot

    Couching/Braiding Foot

    • Use this foot to couch thicker yarns and trims to your fabric. The special guide on the foot allows your trim to feed through smoothly as you maneuver your fabric.
  • Decorative Trim Foot

    Decorative Trim Foot

    • This foot has a 1/4" wide slot and a 1/2"slot that will hold flat trims in place as you stitch over them. Great for circular sequins, 1/4" wide ribbon, rickrack, even thin elastic. The trim should be no wider that 1/2" and no thicker than 1mm. A twin needle can be used ti stitch the ribbons in place.
  • Elastic Foot

    Elastic Foot

    • The Elastic Foot with ITD is designed to hold and stretch 6 - 12 mm wide elastic as it is sewn onto fabric. It can also be used as a guide for 6 - 12 mm wide ribbon, ric-rac, and trims
  • Felling Foot

    Felling Foot

    • This foot helps hold and fold in a flat-felled seam. These seams are very durable. Flat Felled seams are found on jeans and other denim clothing, flannel, western garments, and sportswear.
  • Free Motion Darning Foot

    Free Motion Darning Foot

    • This foot is used for Free Motion Quilting, Darning, and Embroidery. It prevents skipped stitches because the foot holds the fabric against the throat plate as the stitch is formed.
  • Open Toe Free Motion Foot

    Open Toe Free Motion Foot New

    • The Open Toe of the foot gives greater visibility when stippling or free motion sewing. It is especially helpful when you are trying to follow the lines of a pattern. The red lines on this foot are 1/4" away from the needle.
  • Sensormatic Free Motion Foot

    Sensormatic Free Motion Foot New

    • This foot is for Free Motion Quilting Darning and Embroidery. It floats just above the fabric allowing you to move the fabric freely. You can adjust how close the foot is to the fabric to prevent skipped stitches.
  • Fringe Presser Foot

    Fringe Presser Foot

    • Although this foot was designed to transfer pattern markings to fabric by sewing tailor tacks on the fabric, we use this foot for decorative sewing. Specifically we use it to create a row of loops or fringe for embellishment and to sew faggotting or open seams.
  • Gathering Foot

    Gathering Foot New

    • Gathering is a classic decorative technique. It‘s easy with this ‚ special foot, which is especially useful for sewing flounces on cushions and curtains or for attaching gathered seams on children‘s clothing. You can simultaneously stitch and gather two layers of fabric quickly and easily. This foot is available in plastic or metal.
  • Invisible Zipper Foot

    Invisible Zipper Foot

    • The invisible zipper foot is used to inset a hidden zipper(invisible) into a seam. Great for skirts, dresses, pillows, etc. This foot can also be used to sew mini piping. Used the same way as a Piping Foot, just remember to move your needle position
  • Knit Edge Foot

    Knit Edge Foot

    • Use this sewing foot to seam and overcast thicker knit fabrics, or it's more popular use today is to make and insert your own piping. Also sews on beads and seams fur
  • Narrow Edge Foot

    Narrow Edge Foot New

    • The Narrow Edge Foot (also known as the edge stitch foot or edge joining foot) makes it easier to topstitch close to an edge or to stitch two adjacent fabric pieces together. For example, run lace trim along the center guide tongue of the foot to easily sew it onto table linens. This foot is also ideal for "stitching in the ditch" for quilting and other applications
  • NonStick Foot

    NonStick Foot

    • This foot is perfect for sewing hard-to-feed fabrics, like leather, foam, plastic, imitation leathers and plastic-coated fabrics. The entire foot is made of a non-stick material, not just a non-stick sticker on the bottom of the foot.
    • Also available for Non-Stick are the Non-Stick Decorative Foot and the Non-Stick Maxi-Embroidery Foot.
  • Pintuck Foot

    Pintuck Foot

    • Used together with a twin needle, this sewing foot will produce wonderful rows of pintucks to add a nostalgic touch to linens, cushions, blouses, or children's clothing. Available with 5, 7, or 9 grooves
  • Pintuck foot with Deco Guide

    Pintuck foot with Deco Guide

    • With this sewing foot, you can sew tucks spaced from 5mm to 11mm apart. Create fantastic effects by sewing decorative stitches in the spaces between the tucks. The clever guide groove on the bottom of this foot helps you sew perfectly parallel to the tucks and to position the decorative stitching exactly. Available for 6mm and 9mm zigzag width machines
  • Pintuck Blade

    Pintuck Blade New

    • Used to add emphasis (height and definition)to pintucks
  • Piping Foot

    Piping Foot

    • Make corded piping simply and easily with the Piping Foot. This foot also makes inserting finished piping into garments, pillows, bags, and other projects very easy. The cord of the piping feeds under a groove in the bottom of the foot allowing you to straight sew right next to the cord.
  • Quilting Guide

    Quilting Guide

    • This guide is used to help you sew straight, great for channel quilting. The guide can be used on the left or right side of the presser foot.
  • !/4 " Foot

    !/4 " Foot New

    • Use this foot to help you maintain an exact 1/4" seam allowance for all your quilt piecing needs. The 1/4 inch foot can also be used to make 1/4" tucks, and is great for top stitching around pockets, etc. This foot is available with and without an attached guide, and you can choose between metal or clear plastic.
  • Rolled Hem Feet

    Rolled Hem Feet

    • With this foot you can easily stitch rolled hems on blouses, silk scarves or ruffles without pressing the hem first. The rolled hem prevents the fabric edge from fraying and results in a neat, durable edge finish. Hemmer feet work well with light weight to medium weight fabrics and they also allow you to use the Dual Feed. Available in 3 different sizes 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm
  • Roller Foot

    Roller Foot New

    • The Roller Foot is useful when sewing loosely knitted materials, some jersey and stretch fabrics. The Roller foot can be used as an alternative to the Non Stick feet when sewing on leather and vinyl. This foot gives excellent results when sewing a flatlock hem on a knit fabric. It is especially useful when a fabric has been cut on the bias because it helps prevent the edges from stretching.
  • Ruffler


    • A ruffler is a very versatile presser foot to own. With it, you can make yards of ruffles or pleats. The settings are adjustable for very fine fabrics or heavier fabrics. You can adjust the depth of the pleats as well as the spacing. Ruffle a single layer or ruffle a layer while stitching it to a flat layer. Directions are included
  • Seam Guide Foot

    Seam Guide Foot New

    • The Seam Guide Foot has a metal 5/8" guide. This foot is great when sewign clothing because most patterns use a 5/8" seam allowances. You will love it for teaching kids to sew. Topstitching is made easier with this foot also. By changing the needle position you can sew anywhere for 3/4" to 3/8 " away from the needle.
  • Sewing Stars Foot

    Sewing Stars Foot New

    • The Sewing Star Foot is perfect when sewing wide decorative stitches. It gives your fabric the support you need, while giving an open view of the area you are stitching. The Sewing Star Foot prevents the fabric from tunneling and allows you to use the Pfaff Dual Feed while sewing.
  • Stitch in Ditch Foot

    Stitch in Ditch Foot

    • The Stitch-in-Ditch Foot is designed to help you achieve perfect quilting on the top of your quilt, garment or home dec sewing. The guide rides smoothly over the seam for perfect stitching "in the ditch
  • Straight Stitch Foot

    Straight Stitch Foot New

    • The Straight Stitch Foot with Round Needle Hole is wonderful for quilting and patchwork. The round hole guarantees perfect straight stitch seams. This foot is also well suited for working with fine fabrics.
  • Button Sew On Foot

    Button Sew On Foot

    • The Sew On Button Foot makes sewing on buttons a breeze. It has a retractable thread shank guide, that you can slide out when sewing buttons onto thick fabrics like coats, pants, heavy flannel, etc. This creates a thread shank which raises the button off the fabric enough so you can slide the button into the buttonhole easily.
  • Three Groove Cording Foot

    Three Groove Cording Foot New

    • Use this sewing foot to couch over one to three stands of pearl cotton or other fine cord with a narrow satin stitch. Create braids and trims by using a decorative stitch over pretty cords. Also great for outlining appliques for a three-dimensional effect.
  • Welting Foot

    Welting Foot New

    • The Welting Foot is used to sew cording onto fabrics. It has a large groove under the foot to follow the cord as you sew. Welting is a firm cording used in upholstery and home decor applications such as trim around a pillow, and cushions. Piping cording is softer and made to sew into clothing. The Welting Foot works the same as a Piping Foot but accepts larger cords. Also available as a Twin Welting Foot

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