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Congratulations to EVERYONE who entered our 2018 Quilt Challenge!

Here are all the entries.

Darlene - Staff

Bev Russel

Tracy Durham

Shirley Way

Jackie Doll

Emily Fong - Staff

Nancy - Staff

Carolyn Hall

Donna Humphry

Shona Allen

Tracy Durham

Linda Garrison

Christine McCourt-Reid

Christine McCourt-Reid

Joyce Johnson

Alice Oickle

Bizz - Staff!

Claire Fragomeni

Robby - Staff

Rhonda Carleton

Sue Mohler

Estelle Geusebroek

Kathy Logan de Chavez

Cassandra Cartmell

Heather - Staff

Sheryl Fagan

Shelly Hunt

Melissa Krister

Carleen Brigley

Crystal Tobin

Liane Lawford

Laurie Eliuk

Lynette Forge - Teaching Staff

Candace Tanguay

Cato Solano

Victoria Luxton

Tiffani Bezanson

Valerie Savin

Allison Robinson

Catherine Challenger

Hannah Watters

Laura Prins

Brett Lewis

Judy - Staff

Diane Aponiuk

Nancy Robinson

Marty Stark

Carmen - Staff

Again, CONGRATULATIONS to everyone!  You are all extremely talented quilt artists.




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