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WE are currently planning our BOM for the fall of 2017.

Block of the Month Policy

It is understood that when you register for a Block of the Month program you are registering for the entire program and that you agree to participate for the duration.

We require credit card information on file and the programs will be charged automatically the week prior to the last Saturday of the month as per program.

The Block of the Month has a start-up fee: this fee is non-refundable.

All programs are available for pick up in the store beginning the third Saturday of the month. Mail orders will be sent the next business day.

We ask that you check the components in each installment when they arrive, even if you are not working on the project. If there is a problem or for some reason you do not receive your next expected block, please contact us. We cannot be responsible for missing blocks if you wait to notify us.

Please remember to update us with any new credit card information if your card has expired or have been replaced.


Please note that the fabric will be as close to the original fabrics, which means that there may be substitutions.




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