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Heat'n Bond EZ-Print Lite


This lightweight fusible is excellent for lightweight fabrics, machine appliques and quilting!  No steam is required and it is machine washable.

To Print on your Ink-Jet Computer:

*Create, download or scan an image onto your computer.

* Placeone sheet of E-Z Print Lite in your paper tray. The sheet should be placed so printing is on the plain (smooth) paper side.

*For designs that include text or directional patterns, create the design as a miror image.

* Set print quality to normal and paper type to plain.  Allow 5 to 10 seconds for ink to dry before handling.

Optional: Cut printed image out from fusible sheet.

Fusing Directions:

*Pre-wash all marials without fabric softeners.

*Place image on backside of material to be bonded.

*Preheat iron to medium heat, no steam.  Place and hold iron on the paper line for 2 seconds. Repeat, overlapping slightly, until entire surface is bonded.  Allow to cool.

*Cut or trim fabric to the desired shape. Peel off paper liner.

*Place fabric shape, adhesive side down, on top of project. Cover with Pressing Paper, if desired. Press and hold iron for 6 seconds on each section, overlapping slightly, until entire piece is bonded.

*Times listed above are for cotton. Additional time and/or ironing on the reverse side may be required for thicker fabrics.

*Hand or machine sew along edges.

We also carry this product in Feather-Lite!


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