Quilters Dream

Color Tools

The 3-in-1 Color Tool, by Joen Wolfrom, is indespensible when picking out your fabrics for your next project!  It comes with both a green and a red viewfinder to help distinguish the color values of your selection. Easy to use, and very portable!

The Colorscope Color Selector by Cottage Mills is a great tool to view fabrics, yarns, or other colored materials through. Its internal mirrors repeat the colors giving you an idea of how they will look together in your finished project. The ColorScope helps determine the dominant color(s), contrast, tone, pattern and ultimately the right mix of colors.

The Ruby Beholder by That Patchwork Place is a color tool long familiar to watercolor quilters!  Use the red filter to view your fabrics through and see the contrast of all the fabrics you selected! This ruby red rectangle is indepensable for sorting fabrics nad evaluating shadings

Need a great color poster for your studio? The Studio Color Wheel is for you - a 28" x 28" Double-Sided Color Wheel Poster! Inspired by the Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool (as seen above), this beautiful color reference poster is based on the Ives Color Wheel. Comes with complete instructions on how to use the color wheel.



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